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Beginning Blogging Fall 2008

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Beginning Blogging Fall 2008


NPPSD Blog Examples


9th grade Bulldogs (Mrs. Larsen):  http://mrslarsen.blogspot.com/


NPPSD Assistive Tech Blog (Mrs. Livingston):  http://atnppsd.blogspot.com


North Platte Band (Mr. Bradley):  http://npband.wordpress.com/


NPHS Cheerleading (Ms. Donahue):  http://www.nphscheer.blogspot.com/


Adams 8 Gold Wiki (Mrs. Windham):  http://adams8goldscience.pbwiki.com/


Lori Brouillette's Weblog (Mrs. Brouillette):  http://loribrouillette.wordpress.com/


Scieblog ((Mr. Petersen):  http://scieblog.wordpress.com/


Mathlady's Weblog (Mrs. Wiles):  http://mathlady.wordpress.com/


Reading with Ms. Clancy (Ms. Clancy):  http://msclancy.blogspot.com/


MadMathTeacher (Mr. Smith):  http://madmathteacher.edublogs.org/


Mr. Whitney's History (Mr. Whitney):  http://mrwhitneyshistory.blogspot.com/


Mrs. Braithwait's Blog (Mrs. Braithwait):  http://www.braithwait.blogspot.com/


Mrs. Foster's Weblog (Mrs. Foster):  http://tafoster.wordpress.com/


Allen Furlong's Weblog (Mr. Furlong):  http://allenfurlong.wordpress.com/


Ms. Radke's Weblog (Ms. Radke):  http://lradke.wordpress.com/


Kindergarten with Mrs. Thies (Mrs. Thies):  http://jthies.wordpress.com/


Hokanson's Instructional Technology (Mr. Hokanson):  http://nhokanson.wordpress.com


Where to start your blog...


Wordpress:  http://wordpress.com


Video Tutorials (How to...):


Wordpress- Sign Up


Wordpress- Logging In


Wordpress- The Dashboard


Wordpress- Design and Theme


Wordpress- Design and Widgets


Wordpress- Design Extras


Wordpress- Write a Post


Wordpress- Write a Page


Wordpress- Delete a Post or Page (Manage)


Wordpress- Comments


Wordpress- Settings (Change Title)


Wordpress- Other Ways to Sign In or Log In



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