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Digital Storytelling

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Digital Storytelling 


What is it!?!

"Digital Storytelling is a fantastic way to engage students, teachers and just about anyone else who has ever wanted to be the next Ken Burns or Steven Spielberg. There are many different definitions of "digital storytelling," but in general, all of them revolve around the idea of combining the longstanding art of telling stories with any of a variety of available multimedia tools, including graphics, audio, video animation, and Web publishing" (http://www.coe.uh.edu/digitalstorytelling/introduction.htm).


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This course will use Photo Story 3 to create a digital story, but there are many ways to create digital stories and programs that can be used.


Download Photo Story 3


Examples of Digital Stories


DigiTales and HERE!!!


Marco Torres Collection


Marco Torres iCan


An example of a digital story from Lori Brouillette's students at Adams Middle School:  Messy Room


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Photo Story 3 Import Pictures


Photo Story 3 Add Titles


Photo Story 3 Record Narration


Photo Story 3 Add Music


Photo Story 3 Saving


Photo Story 3 Creating A Basic Digital Story (Large 30 MB File - Be Patient to Download and Play)


Photo Story 3 Atomic Learning Tutorials


.pdf Photo Story Tutorial From the University of Houston


GIMP Creating a Title Picture to Add to Photo Story 3


David Jakes Photo Story 3 Tutorials and Resources


Other Ways to Make Digital Stories


PowerPoint & Slideshare (Open Office is a FREE "Office" Suite that allows the creation of PowerPoint-like presentations)


Windows Movie Maker












Music Resource:  Free Play Music (http://www.freeplaymusic.com)




University of Houston Getting Started With Digital Storytelling


The Center for Digital Storytelling


The Art of Digital Storytelling




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by Wes Fryer




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