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Welcome! This is an extension of H I T - Hokanson's Instructional Technology


Training/Conference Resources


NETA Conference 2012


NPHS Workshops Spring 2012


Tech Days Resources Spring 2011


Creation Continuum Presentation Spring 2011


Say No To Cyberbullying Presentation Fall 2010


ISTE NETS for Students Fall 2010


Implementing the ISTE NETS for Teachers Fall 2010


Be Cyber Intelligent (Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety)


Skype 4.x Fall 2009


FreeMind (Mind Mapping Software) Fall 2009


SMART Boards/Notebook 10 Fall 2009


Madison Netbook Orientation Fall 2009


Podcasting Summer 2009


Blogging Summer 2009


Digital Storytelling Summer 2009


Video Conferencing Summer 2009


Online Tools for Educators Summer 2009


Tech Gadgets Summer 2009


Quest Atlantis Summer 2009


Working With Video Spring 2009


Archived Training Resources


Digital Storytelling Winter 2008-2009


Podcasting Winter 2008-2009


Skype & Jing Training Winter 2008-2009


Tutorial Creation Fall 2008


Internet Resources Fall 2008


Intermediate Advanced Podcasting Fall 2008


Beginning Podcasting Fall 2008


Intermediate - Advanced Blogging Fall 2008


Beginning Blogging Fall 2008


Summer 2008 Computer Basics


Summer 2008 Utilizing the Internet


Summer 2008 Video


Summer 2008 Digital Storytelling


Summer 2008 Podcasting


Summer 2008 Blogging


Spring 2008 First Class


Spring 2008 Digital Citizenship


Spring 2008 Digital Storytelling with PowerPoint


Spring 2008 Computer Basics


Spring 2008 Blogging 2.0


Spring 2008 Digital Storytelling with Photo Story 3


Spring 2008 Podcasting 2.0


Spring 2008 Creating and Publishing Online Media *


Fall 2007 Early Childhood Technology Integration


Fall 2007 Web 2.0!!!


Fall 2007 SMART Boards


Fall 2007 iPod Basic Training


Fall 2007 Blogs, Wikis, and RSS


Fall 2007 SOCS Training




Secondary Online Resources


Elementary Online Resources


Conference Information and Notes


T + L Conference October 2009


NETA Conference 2009


NETA Conference 2008


T+L Conference October 2007


November Learning Conference - Building Learning Communities 2007


Equipment Resources


Video Camera


iPod Classic


DVD Burner




CPS Clickers


*http://hokanson.pbwiki.com <--Please write this down for future reference!!!


*Your web address/url is http://mail.nppsd.org:8080/~ (After the tilde you usually put your First Class user name; for instance, I put nhokanson)


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