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Intermediate - Advanced Blogging Fall 2008

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Intermediate/Advanced Blogging Fall 2008


Resources (Things we reviewed & shared in class)


http://www.zamzar.com (Convert video file types and more...)


http://www.convertube.com (Convert and download YouTube videos...)


http://www.cuil.com (Search Engine)


http://www.viewzi.com/search/ (Search Engine Diane Livingston shared)


http://www.viewzi.com/search/ (Blog Widgets)


http://wordpressgarage.com/ (Blog Widgets)


Wordpress Created Tutorials


Getting Started/Troubleshooting


What should I do first? [screencast]


How do I change my password? [screencast]


I lost my password - what now? [screencast]




General Settings [screencast]


Discussion Settings [screencast]


Reading Settings [screencast]




Where’s my dashboard (and what’s it for)? [screencast]


HTML & QuickTags vs. Visual Editor [screencast]


How can I edit the title and permalink of my post? [screencast]


How do I add links to other sites using the HTML or Visual editor? [screencast]


Having a static page at the front of the blog [screencast]


How do I manage (organize, edit, delete) my posts after they’ve been written or published? [screencast]


How do I manage (organize, edit, delete) pages after they’ve been published or saved? [screencast]


How do I save and manage draft posts? How does auto-save work? [screencast]


How do I change the time or date for my post? How do I set my post to publish in the future? [screencast]


How do I manage (approve, unapprove, mark as spam, delete) comments made to my blog? [screencast]


Adding Media


What filetypes can I upload?


How do I add video files to my posts? [screencast]


How do I post a Youtube video? [screencast]


How do I upload pictures? [screencast]


How do I add an audio file to my post? [screencast]


How do I add documents or other media to my blog posts? [screencast]


How do I post or embed a PowerPoint in Wordpress? (Video Tutorial by Neil Hokanson)


How do I create a picture gallery in my blog post? [screencast]




What is a widget? [screencast]


How do I add summaries/excerpts to my posts so that the full post doesn’t display on my blog’s front page? [screencast]


What’s a tag? How do I add tags to my posts? How do I manage tags? [screencast]


What’s a category? How do I add and manage categories? [screencast]


How do I manage (edit, delete, add, arrange) my tags? [screencast]


How do I manage (arrange, add, delete) categories? [screencast]


Which keyboard shortcuts can I use in the WordPress editor? [screencast]




Blog Stats [screencast]


How do I add more authors / users to my blog? [screencast]


How do I change the author of a post? [screencast]


How do I stop another author editing a post at the same time as me? [screencast]


How do I use the Press This! bookmarklet [screencast]


Using Windows Live Writer [screencast]


Bringing content into WordPress from Microsoft Word [screencast]


How do I write WordPress blog posts with the ScribeFire Firefox add-on? [screencast]


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