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iPod Basic Training




NEW! Using the iPod Touch Resources


A podcast with Mary Derby!!!


Different types of iPods (Which iPod are you!?!)


iPod Support


Do I need an iPod to listen to mp3 format music?  No, there are many other types of mp3 players (hard drive, micro drive, & flash)


Do I need an iPod to podcast?  No, podcasting is essentially any type of digital recording that is posted online for users to consume; for instance, you can record an activity on a computer and post it online without an iPod involved at any time.  The term podcasting simply stuck to this type of recording because of the popularity of the iPod.


What is iTunes?  iTunes is a program that enables users to organize, download, upload, and manage audio and video content.  It is specifically made for and associated with iPods.


How to Videos!!!

Classroom Instruction
iQuiz Maker (Mac and PC!!!)


The Learning Hand - iPods in Education (Thanks to Denise DiGiovanni for sharing this great resource!!!)


Printable Guide
Podcasting Resources


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