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Madison Netbook Orientation Fall 2009

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Netbook Orientation Fall 2009


Docking, battery life and other netbook "isms" to know (Tony)


Practice & get used to the netbooks the first couple of weeks:  Social Studies could have students find their home on Google Earth; Math could utilize the calulator or graphing program on the netbooks or study the angles of the Hoover Dam bypass http://scienceray.com/technology/engineering/the-incredible-hoover-dam-bypass-bridge-under-construction/ ; Language Arts could have students do some research or create a Wordle http://www.wordle.net/ image from some text they find or type; Science could share some video capabilities of the net book http://www.freesciencelectures.com or whatever you want to allow the students access and get some practice with the netbooks (frontloading).


Start planning interdisciplinary activities where you can share the load of digital assessment (Middle School philosophy)


Wireless capabilities of building (We will test the network with the number of netbooks in use!)


“Plan B” philosophy (Always have a plan B:  Paper/Pencil)


Not perfect set up “yet”- Setting ground work and paving road for the rest of the District. (Pioneers, Trailblazers)


Fridays with Neil (I am not an administrator, I am a teacher!  :-)  I DO NOT evaluate anyone!)


Current Ideas being kicked around by teachers


Cloud Computing – Gaggle Accounts (2-3 weeks away from setup) 

  • http://www.gaggle.net
  • District wide
  • E-mail (filtered, homeroom teacher assigned to group of students)
  • Digital Locker (100MB in the Gaggle account)
  • Blogging (store front for Digital Locker) http://www.wordpress.com


Photo Story (picture slideshows)


Movie Maker (videos)


When to use Thumb drives (To store large files, ie. video)


Possible Localized Server ? Maybe!






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