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SMART Board Basics


New Resources Fall 2009


The following link will take you to online resources that address new SmartBoard Models, the new Notebook 10 Software, and information on the Airliner Wireless Slates...






Installation and User Guide (600 Series Model)


Quick Help Guide (600 Series Model)


Quick Assistance Guide (600 Series Model)


Thanks to Tara Foster for the great links and for sharing her SMART Board experience!!! 9/27/07




A video tutorial recorded using the SMART software and board:


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SMART Education Resources


SMART - U.S. Notebook Software Lession Activities


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Utah State University)


Interactive Whiteboard Links


SMART Board Lesson Ideas


Pete's Power Point Station


Kenton County Schools SMART Board Resources


Another Hokanson Wiki with MANY Resources


H I T - Hokanson's Instructional Technology Blog


North Platte Public Schools Training Resources


SMART Tech Video Tutorials


Video Tutorials from the Smartboard site:


The following links will take you to the SmartBoard site. I have provided the information here as a resource to explain what each video tutorial explains.

Two-Minute Tutorials

Simply follow a link below to watch a Two-Minute Tutorial. You must have Macromedia Flash player installed to watch them.

  Touch, Write and Save (1.4 MB)

This tutorial is a quick introduction to the basics of SMART Board software. You will see how to launch an application with your finger, write on the interactive whiteboard and how you can save your notes.

  PowerPoint (1.4 MB)

This tutorial provides a quick overview of how to use PowerPoint on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. You will learn how to navigate through a PowerPoint slide show and how you can make notes to focus your audience’s attention.

  Ink Aware (3.3 MB)

This tutorial provides an overview of additional features available in Microsoft® Word and Excel® software when you are using them on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or other SMART brand product.

  Notebook Software Basics (1.3 MB)

This tutorial provides an overview of the Notebook software interface, writing in Notebook software and converting handwriting to typed text.

  Objects in Notebook Software (1.7 MB)

Watch this tutorial to see how to create, select, move, resize and rotate objects in Notebook software.

  The Notebook Software Gallery (1.5 MB)

Learn how to use the Notebook Software Gallery to help you develop and enhance presentations with rich graphical content.

  The Notebook Software Page Sorter (1.8 MB)

Learn how to create a new page, drag an object from one page to another, name pages and change the page order in your file.

  Other SMART Tools (3.5 MB)

These tools offer a selection of features that will assist you when presenting with a SMART brand product.

  Bridgit Conferencing Software (2.3 MB)

This tutorial provides an overview of how to use Bridgit conferencing software for distance learning.


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