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Three recommended blogging "engines." (Uses a wordpress engine but is classroom friendly.) (Requires a gmail account)




Atomic Learning Wordpress Tutorials


Wordpress Basics in the Dashboard


Wordpress Writing a Post and Inserting an Image




  1. One of my wikis (Of course this is a wiki too!):
  2. How can a wiki be used in education?
  1. Where do I get started to make a wiki?





Slideshare (Upload PowerPoints to embed into a blog post, wiki, or web page)




Example web page with links to PowerPoints saved as web pages (BEST VIEWED IN INTERNET EXPLORER!!!):


Quia (Let me know if you would like a Quia account to make your own tutorials!)


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Introductions and Questions


Kathy Lewis is now called Kathy Wiede because she married Jeff in December 2007.  All network information may be under lewis or lewis-wiede or wiede in the incoming year.  Kathy is teaching at the North platte high school as an art teacher.  Today and the rest of this week, a group of high school students are painting a student created mural on a wall in the public library. This Mural is so Awesomel!!  The reading program this year is Catch The Reading Bug!  Come see that incredible mural during library hours.


Becky States has taught for 13 years at North Platte Public Schools. She taught ELL for 3 years and then taught 4th grade for 3 years. For the last 7 years Becky has taught 6th grade Social Studies.


Debra Smith is the Executive Director of North Platte Public Schools Foundation Inc.  This is an organization that was started in 1994 with the intent to support the North Platte Public School district.  She has been the Executive Director since 2004.

Question:  Can you help me change the title of the second blog? 

Question:  Ideas for organizing for large group use?

New Question:  Powerpoint on slideshow embedded in webpage with preserved animation?

New Question:  If you were to do an outside presentation with items that are on the wiki or blog, how do you hand this technology to the                        non-tech saavy volunteers who want to help?

Newer Question:  How do I decide when it is best to use a blog or wiki...that seems confusing?

Newer Question:  Are wikis really useful with very large groups or better with smaller groups?

Newer Question:  How do you get this to come up on the search engines (blogs or wikis)?


Neil Hokanson currently serves as the Educational Technology Specialist for the North Platte Public Schools.  He was a "full-time" substitute teacher for one year, taught social studies at Dakota Valley High School in South Dakota for three years, and was a social studies teacher at the middle level at Star Valley Middle School western Wyoming for ten years.  He has a BSEd from the University of South Dakota and a MSED in Instructional Technology from the University of Wyoming.  He has a wonderful wife, Dianna, who serves the district as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and they are the parents of five marvelous children:  Hannah 16, Charlie 12, Ronan 10, Nicholas 7, and Heather 5.


Joy Woodruff has taught for 21 years at North Platte Public Schools.  She teaches French at North Platte  High School and Foreign Language Exploratory at Madison Middle School.