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Summer Computer Basics

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Computer Basics




Atomic Learning:  http://www.atomiclearning.com


Windows XP


Windows XP Tips and Tricks:   http://movies.atomiclearning.com/k12/winxp_tips


Windows XP Tutorials (Atomic Learning)


Windows XP Tips & Tricks Tutorials (Atomic Learning)


Windows XP Solution Center


Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office 2007 What's New (Atomic Learning)


Microsoft Office 2007 Tutorials (Microsoft)


First Class


First Class 8 (Atomic Learnining)


First Class 9 (Atomic Learning)




Saving Bookmarks and Favorites


Backing Up Files (N Drive)


Backing up to the N Drive


FREE Software and Operating Systems


OpenOffice (Free Office" Suite)



Audacity (Free Audio Editor)


Nvu (Free Web Page/Site Editor)


GIMP (Free Photo Editor)


Inkscape (Free Drawing Program)


Firefox (Free Web Browser)


VLC (Free Media Player)




Computer Utilities (Disclaimer!!!  For Home Use not supported or endorsed by the school district, use at your own risk!)




AVG Anti Virus




Spybot Search and Destroy








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