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T Plus L Conference October 2009

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T+L Conference 2009


The following are notes, resources, media clips, links, and reflections shared by the NPPS district educator team that attended the T+L Conference in Denver, CO from October 28-30.  Please feel free to contact any of the team members to gain further information and details.  The Teaching + Learning Conference is sponsored by the Natioanl School Boards Association and meets annually.  The next conference will be held in Phoenix, AZ during the last week of October 2010.


Neil Hokanson Notes

T+L Conference Denver, CO


October 28, 2009 (Weds.)

Steve Hargadon

Educational Networking

Web 1.0

Web 2.0

Clay Shirky

Social Networking has taken over



Social Networking:   aggregation of tools in a single environment


Educational Networking

The Confluence of Social Networking + Live Collaboration

http://www.learncentral.org (Elluminate)





(pre-keynote info:  Intro to JETS Program)

Frans Johannson

Diverse things coming together

Knowledge has value

Prepare students to innovate

Diversity drives innovation

Combine ideas to break new ground

Medici Effect brought diverse people together (Renaissance)

Creativity: combination of existing ideas

Teams generate and execute more ideas

Diverse teams generate more ideas

1. Find inspiration from cultures other than your own explore connections

2. Diverse teams outperform quickly

3. You will not know what idea will work or not (Reserve resources for many trials)

4. Passion maximizes the chance of success

How to foster creativity in schools:

5. Encourage students to explore Idea combinations on their own

6. Encourage students to make mistakes (not when they should know what they are doing 2+2)

Make unlikely connections!!!


Lunch Presentation


Students as creators changes how they view and use content.




T+L Thursday

October 29,2009 (Thurs.)

Scribis software (Try it!!!)

10 Common Pitfalls on the road to Open Source in an organization

Revolution Linux http://revoultiionlinux.com

10.  Technical interests superceding user interests

9.  Lack of user input (Ask what users are looking for:  solutions)

8.  Training Issues (Do trail runs, be careful of just in case training)

7.  Individual Needs vs. Organizational Needs (Balance is necessary)

6.  Changing software and versions too often  (OpenOffice failure story be careful  of new releases, test betas)

5.  Interoperability between systems (use open source apps that work on several systems) Firefox, Audacity, and Open Office for example

4.  Lack of local support (Create user groups)

3.  Buying a product, without giving the same kind of support as you usually do

3a.  Putting too much focus on hardware in the wrong moments

2.  Neglecting user interface (example the Drupal user interface, needs modification for regular users to use)

1.  Going for Open Source only to save money on license fees (You still need PD and probably should take license savings and put toward PD of the Open Source software)


Web 2.0 in Schools:  Fad, Folly, or Future?

Karen Greenwood-Henke

COSN Web 2.0 Initiative Results

Horizon Report

Key Trends:  mobiles, clud computing, smart objects, the personal web

The Global Education Collaborative

73% admins see significance of Web 2.0

3 priorities for use:  engagement, needs of different learners, develop critical thinking skills

3% of schools have formal policies to address Web 2.0

COSN addendum

Respect for community

Personal Responsibility



Forsythe Georgia district open network see their AUP

Also see Madison City Schools Madison Alabama


Change is Coming

Cathleen Norris

Elliot Soloway

Youth have moved from digital to mobile generation

Speak up Day

1:1 problems no Ed software or prof development or sustainability

Pearson video (Keller, TX?) Mobile Learning Institute

Used Microsoft Mobile

Strongly suggest a learning management system (GoKnow showcased)



Project Knect

Stanley Yang

Look mom no hands



Math Trainer



T+L Friday

October 30, 2009


Marcos Torres

San Fernando, CA

Stay in the question:  narrative

a+b+c=$ not true!

Know learn create

10000 hours rule to reach mastery

What do we do with our bank of information (expert)

Einstein don’t ask questions you can look up

Eric Hoffer quote:  “In times of change learners inherit the Earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Stay in the question:  Learning

Network is valuable

Stay in the question:  Expertise

The why question is still in our corner ( how what)

Rubiks cube clip Will Smith

Stay in the question:  Studio stage community (ideal learning space in the middle)

Create celebrate learn and share

Johann Pachabell video YouTube Canon Rock

Mythbusters start by not knowing the answers

Move from regurgitating to remixing to redefining

Movies digital storytelling

Ham and eggs clip http://www.sfett.com/html_movie/Ican5/ham_and_eggs.html

Focus on the story

Into the light clip

Stay in the question:  Narrative




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