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Video Conferencing Summer 2009

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Skype (Video/Audio Conferencing)


Skype in Schools Presentation (pdf)


Skype in Schools Presentation (PowerPoint)


Skype Settings (Handout)


Skype in the Classroom (Handout)


Skype Settings Video Tutorial


Skype Official Site


Skype in Education Resources


Skype an Author Resources:




Skype in Schools


Skype an Author...


Using Skype in the Classroom (Cool Cat Teacher)


Skype in the Classroom (Wes Fryer)


Using Skype in the Classroom (On an e-journey with generation y Blog)


Annick LIVEbrary




Microsoft LifeCam 1000, 3000, & 5000


Video Streaming Resources




Ustream Help Center




Stickam How To


Stickam FAQ


You can record and embed your video streams (See example below!)



Other Video Conferencing Resources


Live Stream (Similar to Ustream and Stickam)


EzStream (Can do audio only for a "radio show," etc.)


DimDim (Free edition allows for 20 participants and presenter can share screen, a whiteboard, documents, and web sites)


Other Connection Resources





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