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Tech Days Resources Spring 2011

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Spring 2011 Technology Days Resources



Utilizing a Classroom Blog
Jacquelin Maucher, Eisenhower Elementary
This presentation will focus on utilizing a Wordpress blog in the classroom, how to add pictures, reviews, study guides, parent letters, and class updates, and how to use a blog in the classroom.

Gaming in the Classroom & Beyond (Quest Atlantis)
Laurie Maline, Lake/Buffalo Elementary; Amy Black, Osgood Elementary; Terry Wrenn, McDonald Elementary
Quest Atlantis (QA) is an international learning and teaching project that uses a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9-16, in educational tasks. QA combines strategies used in the commercial gaming environment with lessons from educational research on learning and motivation. Participation in this game is designed to enhance the lives of children while helping them grow into knowledgeable, responsible, and empathetic adults. A professional development course is mandatory for all new Quest Atlantis teachers, which is arranged by QA.

Netbooks Across the Curriculum
Megan Aynes, Buffalo Elementary
I will be talking about how to use the netbooks across all subjects. I will be showing ways to get your students to easily access website and which websites are most beneficial and educational for student learning.
Netbooks Across the Curriculum Handout

Student Created PowerPoint Presentations--independent and/or collaborative
Denise Flanders, Cody Elementary
This session will show you how students use PowerPoint to create presentations complete with text, narration, and student created illustrations.
Making a PowerPoint Presentation Directions

ELMO & Epson Brightlink Basic Training
Tony Loper & Janean Fode, Tech Department
How to use and operate an ELMO and the new Epson Brightlink interactive whiteboards: basic training.

Epson Brightlink Basics Handouts
BrightLink Resources (LOGIN AS GUEST!)

Voki’s in Reading

Heather Harvey, Jefferson Elementary & Denise DiGiovanni, HAL Director
Learn how to utilize Voki's in reading (Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars).
Voki Handout

What's Out There and What Do I Do With It

Tanya Windham, Adams Middle School
Looking for some possibilities? With so much out there how do you find it and more importantly what are some ways to use it? You will leave this session with a list of web resources and ideas for any classroom. I have used a variety of these resources to improve differentiation, student engagement and creativity, thinking, exploring beyond the text, and saving on paper.
What's Out There Links!!!

It's Not Just a Fancy Projection Screen
Mackenzie Carstens, Cody Elementary
If you are beginning to feel comfortable using your Smart Board and are ready to take your usage to the next level, come visit this session. I'll describe how to download existing Smart Board documents that were created from educators like you. Better yet, see examples of how to have your students create these documents to demonstrate their learning.  These lessons can be utilized with an Epson Brightlink via Notebook Express!
Notebook Express

Netbooks: A One to One Initiative

Tyson Hammond, Dan Whitney, Dawn Hess, & Rochelle Krull, Madison Middle School 
Integrating netbooks into daily work and other uses of technology. General discussion forum.

The Creation – Consumption Continuum
Neil Hokanson, Tech Department
Ideas on how to move your students from being consumers of information to creators of products that show what they know.

ePortfolios (Mahara)
Larry Lashell, Tech Department
We now have the ability to offer digital ePortfolios for students! Attend this session to find out how to access this new feature and practice utilizing the online Mahara ePortfolio system.

Utilizing a class website with Kompozer

Josh Bruck, North Platte High School
A look into how to incorporate a class website with assignments, resources, agendas, etc., using Kompozer, a complete web authoring system.
Kompozer Tutorials


Programming to Learn

David Cooper, North Platte High School
Programming with BASIC and how it is used in the classroom to support mathematics, teaching, and problem solving.

Textbooks, the Students Who Can’t Read Them, and What to do About It
Diane Livingston
Learn useful assistive technologies to help students acquire information in any class that requires reading. You will learn about simple, easy to implement strategies and low to high tech ideas to help the struggling reader.
Readability Handout

Atomic Learning/Nettrekker

Brian Tegtmeier & Meryl Hedgecock, Tech Department
Learn about the useful resources that can help you with most computer applications via Atomic Learning and find out about a guided search resource in Nettrekker.
Nettrekker Handout

ELMO How To and Help Desk Basic Training
Spencer Knight & Erin Smith, Tech Department
Add to the basics of utilizing an ELMO in your classroom and learn how to access and utilize the district technology help desk.

Data Warehouse

Pete Kinneman, Tech Department
Attend to get information on the district’s new data warehouse, its features, and how it will help you to improve student performance.
Decision Ed Group
Data Warehouse Presentation

Data Warehouse Video

Will Winchester, North Platte High School
Jing enables a person to record a lesson from items on your computer or Interactive White Board. Jing is a program that can record a lesson about a worksheet, program on the computer, or objects on a web camera. The program is simple and does not require very much training to understand.

Blogging to Enhance Learning

Lynnette Powers, Washington Elementary
How I use blogging to enhance student learning and parental involvement (webquests, links, how to get started . . . ).

Interactive Math Manipulatives and Games to Help Engage Students
Allen Furlong, McDonald Elementary
I will use NVLM, and additional sites and games that will make teaching math more fun and interactive.

eTools - Establishing a Lifelong Love of Reading and Learning with Amazon Kindles and Apple iPods
Tara Foster & Harmoni Wagner, Lake Maloney Elementary
Explore Amazon Kindle and Apple iPod uses in the classroom to get kids hooked on reading and learning. See how these powerful tools work and discuss the benefits of using them. Hear first-hand from students how they have made an impact on our 4th grade classroom, and other classrooms at various schools. Learn how we got these tools to use in our classrooms.

Digital Storytelling (PhotoStory)
Darlene Rhodes, Buffalo Elementary
See how you can utilize student created material to add voice and share what students are learning.
Photo Story 3

We Are Family!

Linda Wiles, Adams Middle School
A comprehensive, ongoing assessment utilizing Gaggle dropboxes. Learn from my mistakes!
Mathlady's Weblog

Digital Art (Paint.NET)

Pam Cullen, Madison Middle School
This presentation will showcase the implementation of technology into a classroom art project and how the projects were shared with the community.
Paint.NET (What is it?)

Internet Searching/Google Labs
Cory Dosland, Madison Middle School
We will learn a little about searching the internet and ways to use searching with your students. We will also take a look at new things you can do with Google through Google Labs.

Harnessing the Web to Expand Students' Abilities to Communicate
Lori Brouillette, Adams Middle School
This tour of favorite internet sites will showcase a variety tools students can use to creatively extend their abilities, collaborate with others, and demonstrate their understanding . The Web 2.0 applications allow users to work and prepare for real life work in engaging, new ways they will not likely forget. Meets Nebraska Literacy and ISTE student learning standards.

Handheld Devices (iPad/iPod Touch)
Dick Deutschman, Lincoln Elementary
The iPod Touch is a hand held audio/video device that can do a lot of different things to help enrich the classroom. The iPod Touch is a wifi device that can access the World Wide Web.  This basic session will take those attending through how to operate it along with showing what applications (programs) can be accessed. Some of those applications would include Safari, Music, Photos, App Store, Clock, Calculator, Weather, Voice Memos, Books, etc. Half of the session time will give those attending time to try out an iPod Touch.
iPod Training Resources

What's All the SKYPE About!?!

Kendra Burkholder, Hall Elementary
Use video conferencing to connect students, conference with parents, and collaborate with co-workers. You will have step by step directions for setting up Skype in your classroom, hear Dad's testimony about the opportunity to be involved in his son's North Platte classroom - from Texas, and see how technology has enhanced the concept of pen pals! Using video conferencing is a fun way to enhance learning and encourage thinking.
What's All the Skype About Resources

MovieMaker (Digital Storytelling)
Julie Anderson, North Platte High School
Want to create a simple video using photos and video clips? Then how about uploading it to YouTube so you can share it with others? Attend this session to learn how it can be done. (Participants should have some familiarity with Movie Maker or other video-editing software. Go to Atomic Learning if you'd like to be more prepared!)
Windows Movie Maker Handout

Brandon Petersen, Adams Middle School
Capzles helps anyone create beautiful, interactive, rich-media timelines online using videos, photos, text, music, audio and most documents.

Capzles Presentation

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